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Etude House. My lash serum 9g

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 Expiration Date: May 16, 2024

Discover the Beauty of Natural Eyelashes with My Lash Serum!

While there are numerous options for fabulous eyelashes, nothing compares to the beauty of your own natural lashes. That's why My Lash Serum is a must-have product. This incredible serum provides essential nourishment to your lashes from the roots, making them stronger, more resilient, and healthier.

Say goodbye to the daily use of fake eyelashes, which can be glamorous but may harm your real lashes. Instead, enhance the beauty and strength of your natural lashes with this remarkable serum. In just a few weeks, you'll notice the transformation – perfect lashes that only need a touch of mascara. The best part? They'll be completely natural and uniquely yours!

Healthy from roots!

Nourishes your eyelashes from the roots, allowing your lashes to be stronger, more resilient, and healthier. 

Eyeliner Relief Effect!
The serum supplies essence along your eyeline and soothes the skin from stress and makeup. 


9 g


  1. Apply an appropriate amount of serum mainly from the roots and brush your way to the tip. 
  • Use when removing makeup thoroughly before sleeping and applying basic skincare.
  • Before going to bed, completely cleanse your face and apply after skincare. 

    Etude House. My lash serum 9g EYE LASH - Lady Bonita
    Etude House. My lash serum 9g Sale price$10.50 NZD Regular price$12.00 NZD

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