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A Letter From Our Team ♥

Hello Bonita!

First of all, we, the Lady Bonita team, want to thank you for all the support and affection that we have received these almost 2 years since we began this crazy adventure. There were difficult moments, where we thought our dream was about to end. But despite everything, we have maintained the attitude and the positive energy not to give up, so we are excited to see him grow and know the future that is planned for this much-loved project.

This project started as a family’s project, but I think the inspiration was born from all those stories of struggle against skin problems that have generated insecurities, which moved us. 

I (Cris), will share mine with you, so you can understand why this is important for me.

During my adolescence I suffered from acne and was so confused by the behavior of the skin on my face (sometimes very oily and other times very dry). The insecurity started, that I didn’t want to even see my face in a mirror. With the support of my family, a mandatory visit to the dermatologist was made and thank God it helped me control my acne. First discovery, my skin is sensitive. Advice, go to the dermatologist first and you will learn what your skin needs.
A few years later, not happy with some acne blemishes and a runaway T-Zone, I decided to buy my first skincare kit. The problem is that I did not take into account my skin type and instead decided to pay attention to my pocket. Another discovery: at that time, low-cost American products mostly had very strong ingredients for my skin type, which irritated it a lot to the point of almost burning it. Thank goodness I stopped immediately or I would have had scars. Tip, always try new products first in the small area between the ear and neck, for at least 3 days to assess any reaction.
I didn't give up, this time I was going to do it right. I started to read about which ingredients were correct for my skin and which ones solved my skin problems. This is how I got to Korean heaven: products and the culture behind it. And it was not only the ingredients, but also the rules, the routine, without forgetting all the available information. Is it AHA or BHA, Centella Asiatica, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, etc.


Today I am still committed to my Korean skincare routine, that even if has varied over time, I still feel that my skin is much healthier, hydrated, glowing and why not say it, young.

We, the team, want to continue sharing with you this little corner where you can find quality products at a fair price. Lots of information and advice.

Join us and start with us on your journey to achieve healthier and younger skin.


Lady Bonita team 

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