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Neogen Dermalogy. Wine Lift PHA Gauze Peeling [30EA]

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This gauze peeling pad will exfoliate and clean your impurities while nourishing the skin for a smooth texture.

It contains three separate pads (Green tea, lemon and wine), which all help out the different areas of concern.

The 3 Gauze Peeling Pads have a patented 3-layer pure cotton pad that helps roll away dead skin cells and brings customized effects for each skin condition.

Wine Lift PHA Gauze Peeling is a patented triple-structured pure cotton pad; on one side, the soft gauze cotton removes dead skin cells and impurities from the skin, while the other embossed side is soaked with the essence, which restores the skin's firmness and helps with skin elasticity and vitality.

Clean beauty: All three gauze peelings are clean, have no animal testing and do not include artificial fragrance, colouring or alcohol.

For all skin types.

  • Healthy purple wine ingredients that firm skin: Polyphenol-rich purple wine ingredients reduces reactive oxygen species to prevent oxidation, delivering firmness and anti-aging effects.
  • Instantly removes all dead skin cells!: Formulated with four types of non-irritating peeling ingredients, including PHA, to help remove dead skin cells and improve skin texture, tone, and skin.
  • Youthful, revitalizing ingredients for skin: Formulated with more than ten types of berries with potent antioxidant effects that revitalize and firm skin into a youthful complexion.
  • Forms skin-firming barriers: Forms skin-firming barriers and delivers firming effects with peptide, collagen and adenosine to the skin, losing elasticity.


Thirty (30) single-use pads / 190 ml.


  • Wine: Polyphenols from wine revitalizes and nourish tired skin.
  • Peptide: Contains PHA, AHA, BHA, and LHA.


  1. Gently wipe the with the pure cotton thread pad across the skin.
  2. Carefully swipe in areas with dead skin cells.
  3. Use the embossed side of the pad to refine the skin gently.

*A no-wash exfoliator*

*Suggested use: 2-3 times a week. Increase the frequency of usage as needed.*

Customer Reviews

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Age: 46 - 55
Skin type: Normal

These are great, easy to use. I use them every second day.