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Isntree. Clear Skin BHA Toner

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This toner softly melts the surface of the skin and the keratin inside pores without needing to be washed off, and the betaine salicylate in it makes the texture of your skin smoother.

  • Improves dark skin tone evenly: Containing seaweed domplex removes keratine piled on the inner wall of the pores to release excessive sebum, which has been blocked naturally. As a result, you will see the dark-looking skin becoming brighter.
  • Soothes irritated, sensitive skin: The natural ingredients, including Salix alba bark extract, Portulaca oleraceea extract, Centella Asiatica extract, and Glycyrrhiza extract, which are excellent for soothing skin are used, to soothe the skin that has become sensitive after keratine care.
  • The secret to smoother skin texture is betaine salicylate: Betaine salicylate is a fat-soluble peeling ingredient that helps remove unnecessary wastes and blackheads. It also helps you keep your skin smooth.




  • After cleansing, apply a suitable amount on the entire face in a patting motion.
  • Use sunscreen if you are using the product in the daytime.


  • It contains Betaine Salicylate to manage blackheads and dead skin cells of troublesome skin effectively. 
Isntree. Clear Skin BHA Toner TONER - Lady Bonita
Isntree. Clear Skin BHA Toner Sale price$19.00 USD Regular price$21.00 USD