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Beauty of Joseon. Red Bean Refreshing Pore Mask

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Red Bean Refreshing Pore Mask has a moisturizing mud formulation with kaolin that will effectively absorb sebum and waste on your skin. At the same time, rich saponin in red bean extract will provide a refreshing feeling, and red bean powder will physically work as an exfoliator on your skin. 

Our pores are the channels through which sebum exits our skin. Excess sebum and dead skin cells accumulate in these channels, causing the pores to enlarge. For more care, you need to remove dead skin cells in the pores, wash away the accumulated sebum and waste, and then lower the skin's temperature.

For pore and exfoliation care, which is the beginning of skincare, we found the ingredients from the Earth, home to our beginning. Red beans, which have been loved throughout our history, and kaolin were selected as the main ingredients.
Kaolin absorbs sebum and red bean extract and red bean powder helps with exfoliating and clearing skin texture.


140ml (4.73 fl. oz)

Moist Clay Texture
The moisturizing soft mud formulation helps to absorb sebum and remove wastes without dryness or tightness. At the same time, it provides a refreshing cooling feeling.

Key ingredients: Haenam red bean extract 30%

Red bean has been an important herbal ingredient throughout Korean history as well as a beloved skincare ingredient. Women of Joseon, who emphasized skincare that creates clear and clean skin, used mung beans and red beans ground together to wash their faces. The rich saponin in red beans helps with the adsorption of sebum and acts as a natural exfoliant.


Q/ Which type of skin is it suitable for?
It is recommended for those with excessive sebum secretion and those who are concerned about large pores.

Q/ How thick should I apply it?
A/ It is recommended to apply it evenly until the skin does not show through.

Q/ What is the black powder I can see in the product?
It is 100% red bean powder.

Q/ Please recommend the best match for it
A/ You can use the 'Red Bean Pore Mask' to remove sebum and dead skin cells and use 'Red Bean Moisture Water Gel' to replenish moisture and create synergy between the pores and skin texture care.

Customer Reviews

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Harmony T.
Age: 26 - 35
Skin type: Sensitive

Great product, does not irritate my skin & smells good.
Works well & revitalises my face.