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VDL, just their name is so cool and fresh, it stands for 'vivid dreams come to life'  it is a korean beauty brand that belongs to the house of LG Household and Healthcare, her sister brands are Fruits & Passion, Belif and The Face Shop, the last one being particularly popular outside Asia. In VDL they make a perfect marriage between trailblazing technology and the best secrets that come from the experience of many well-known korean makeup artists; it was 2012 when they started giving the world of beauty everything they could ask for, they manage to make sure all the products are able to give that edgy, glamorous look, that celebrities own, to every customer and always go farther taking the korean beauty industry to a whole new level with every product they put out there.

VDL has the coolest products that will make you achieve that glass skin look that everyone is just loving right now, they have very innovative cosmetics that will make you go back and think 'what?' when you see them, they were the first to introduce the squared shaped lipstick for exammple and for the past five years they are an official partner of Pantone™ and create makeup inspired on the tones of the year given by Pantone, which is great because that makes the pigmentation of their makeup something you won't be able to find elsewhere, if you are someone who loves to standout and not be a trend follower but a trendsetter this brand speaks your language!


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