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Tony Moly

Tony Moly started giving the world some more beauty in 2006, it is a brand that focuses on rescuing the beauty of each one of their costumers, they believe everyone is beautiful and that acknowledging your own beauty gives you not just confidence but also power; they make a lot of research trying to find ways to keep the skin of their clients with that youthful glow that everyone desires to have, their goal is to make you understand that you can keep looking as young as you once did and that aging doesn't have to mean looking old or bad. You can be well taken care of by their products without worrying about time passing by.

They use natural ingredients and try to make their products as eco-friendly and responsible as possible, they don't test on animals and have 'honesty' as their mantra, they believe that being totally honest with their costumers is the only way they can develop products that will be good enough for making people's lives better.

Tony Moly comes from the word 'Tony' which means stylish in Britain and the japanese word 'moly' which means in a box, so their name means something elegant or something stylish in a box, which is what they try to achieve with every product they put out there in the market.

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