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Son & Park is the brand that has been doing it all for getting dewy, glowing skin for their customers and it has managed to achieve it. Son Dae-Sik and Park Tae-Yun are two makeup artists that have dedicated their lives to learning everything there is about beauty, makeup and how you can make your face look more beautiful with a natural looking style, they are the top makeup artists in Korea and their clients are the most famous celebrities you can find in that great country, the most high ranked actors have passed through their hands and being surrounded by so much beauty makes you understand everything there is to know about it.

Their brand is said to be 'simply perfect' and that is the concept of beauty they want to give to the world, products that can make you look your best with an effortless, natural glowing and luminous look with the perfect intersection between skin care and makeup, since they are firm believers that makeup looks best in a healthy skin and that you should wear it not to cover but to perfect your face and show off your features.


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