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Secret Key is a young korean beauty brand that was founded in 2004 but had such an impact that in very little time it was all over Asia, they started with products for girls, mostly really cool patches that became a must for young woman and then evolved to having their own BB creams, tonics and all types of skin care product you may need including antiaging products.

They have a very horizontal relationship with their costumers and are always willing to hear from them so they can improve their products, they also have their own research center with modern equipment in which they implement and test their creations. Their slogan is "the key to your beauty" which refers to their desire to provide girls and women with the tools necessary to discover their own beauty.

Secret Key uses natural extracts and focuses on trying to make cosmetics that can be safe for everyone and that cover the needs of every skin type. They use the wisdom of ancient sages and make products that will not only give you the beautiful skin that you are looking for but also peace of mind and an overall feeling of joy.

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