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Mizon was stablished in the mid 2000 in South Korea and it has done nothing but get fans from Asia and now from all over the world; when people think of Mizon one thing comes to their minds right away is snail slime and yeah that is the ingredient that they have investigated and perfected the most, but Mizon is so much more than that and it's really easy to fall in love with this brand.

They use advanced R&D technology and are constantly making research to find what variations they can make to their products in order to make them more interesting to people and to take them to the point where they can help everyone, they also put a lot of work on learning the differences of every skin type and how to give each type the natural ingredients that will be better for them, after all this brand started with a group of leading korean beauty researchers and scientists from some of Korea's most prestigious beauty companies that decided to get together and innovate, so if there is something that they will care about is research and science working in the benefit of natural beauty, you just have to try one of their products to be able to notice that they take their work really seriously.


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