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Innisfree, South Korea's first all-natural brand, is a k-beauty cosmetic brand owned by Amore Pacific, who is also the father of brands as Mamonde and Laneige; Innisfree started giving 'natural beauty' a new face in 2000 and its name comes from the poem 'The Lake of Innisfree' by the irish poet W. B. Yeats. Many of their ingredients are sourced from Jeju Island, where they own and operate large green tea fields in a land that is a volcanic oasis from where, in a sustainable way, they source their natural ingredients, no wonder why their slogan is "Clean Island, where clean nature and healthy beauty coexist happily".

Jeju island is a trully magical place destined to be the source of great ingredients for skincare and cosmetics. As you can see it doesn't get more natural than this, a company that owns their own land and produces their own plants that they use to make their own cosmetics, if you want to take care of your skin while also taking care of the Earth Innisfree is a great match for your values and cosmetic needs.

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