Now that we know our skin type and what are the most common problems, let’s learn a bit more about how to get those faces nice and clean. There are two main categories of cleansers and some other types, that are not nearly as common, but we will explain them all for you. If you feel like this is a lot of options, just consider the first two since they are the most common.

Oil cleanser

Oil cleansers are great for removing makeup, dirt, and impurities, they are so powerful that they even remove waterproof makeup. If you think putting oil in your face will give you breakouts, the short answer is ‘no’. This is a great way of cleansing your skin, no matter what skin type you have. If you want something that will work without having to think too much about it, oil cleansers are a great answer for that. They feature different kind of characteristics so that you can have more control over something. You can have oil cleansers that are whitening, moisturizing, with collage, anti-wrinkle and much more, but remember that their main job is to clean your face.

oil cleanser 

Water cleanser

Much like oil cleansers, water cleansers are great at removing impurities, dirt, dust and all those things from your skin. They can have a gel texture or sometimes be creamier. It is said that the creamiest ones are good for dry and sensitive skin, and the most gel like are better for dry or oily skin. But consider that cleansers don’t stay in your face so long, you rinse them off, in reality any water based cleanser is fine for any skin type. Just go with something natural, basic and without too many ingredients. Water based cleansers sometimes can form a lot of foam. The ideal thing to do is to apply them in your hands and rub until it creates foam, then apply foam in your face and rinse.

 water cleanser

These two types are the most important. You can use any of them or both, doing the double cleanse. Starting by the oil based one and going next to the water based.


Besides these cleansers, there are a couple more options that are newer, if you feel like learning a bit about them, here they are:

Clay cleansers:

They purify your face from toxins and are ideal for oily and combination skin.
Cleansing balms:
The are wax and become oil in your hands (so basically just an oil cleanser), they’re mostly recommended for dry and sensitive skin (but only because of the oil on it, it can actually work for any skin).

 clay cleanser

Micellar cleansers:

They are well-known in France. It is a liquid that has micelles, tiny molecules of oil suspended in soft water. You do not need to rinse it after using it, they are recommended for dry and sensitive skin.

Micellar cleansers

Cleansing cloths and sponges:

They are made of different ingredients, it is important to look for the natural ones and this is not recommended for dry or sensitive skin.

Cleansing cloths and sponges 

As you can see there is plenty to choose from but we would recommend a cleanser or a mix of cleansers that have natural ingredients and don’t feature too many special things. You can be a little relaxed about your cleanser picking process and keep that energy for moisturisers, essences, sunscreens and serums.

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