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Having a ten steps skin care routine may sound like too much work and way too much time but as you get to it you will notice that it’s a very enjoyable activity. Remember that Korean women love to layer up their skin products so this is what you will see in this routine, we’ll go step by step to make sure you get the basic importance and tips of each one.

Oil cleanser

Oil cleansing your skin is a great way of removing makeup, dirt and all of the things that we don’t want in our face and neck, just apply a bit and use it as a normal cleanser, rinse it and dry your skin patting your skin, never run your towel across your face.

oil cleanser

Water cleanser

Double cleansing is one of the top secrets of Korean women. Use an oil cleanser and then a water based one. All you have to do is apply the cleanser in your hands with some water and create a foam, then clean your face with that foam and just like with the oil cleanser rinse and dry, now your skin is truly free of makeup and dirt.

foam cleanser


This step is not meant to be made every day. If you have sensitive or dry skin, doing it once a week is enough. On the other hand, if you have normal, oily or combination skin, you can do it up to three times a week. Remember that you cannot exfoliate your skin three days in a row, you must let it rest. There are many types of exfoliators but always the natural ones are better. By no means use a DIY exfoliator made of sugar, baking soda or lemon. These products are natural, but can damage your skin, break it, burn it and alter its pH. You can exfoliate with a brush if your skin is oily or normal, or you can also use an exfoliating brush in the oily areas of your face if you have combination face. If you have sensitive and dry face, remember to never use exfoliating brushes or nothing harsh. Just do it with your hands and gently for 60 seconds tops. Then rinse it with some nice water and dry your face delicately with a towel.



Toner is usually believed to be a sort of cleanser but it is so much more than that. It balance the pH of your skin and gives the elasticity and proper texture it needs to get you through the next steps. If you have oily, combination or normal skin you can put the toner in a cotton pad or ball and swipe it delicately across your face. If you have dry to sensitive skin, it is best if you just grab some toner on your palms and apply it in your face, in the cheeks, the neck, the forehead and chin. Always avoid the eye area, let it dry and then you can go to the next step. There was even a trend of toning your face 7 times, you would wait a little while from layer to layer and then do the next steps, this takes a lot of time but you can do it maybe once to see how you feel about it and if you like it you can maybe do it every Sunday or something like that.



An essence is the first product that gets into your skin to prepare it so that it is ready to get all the nourishment and hydration that will come after. You just apply a bit in your hands and pat it across your face, you can even do little motions with your fingers like playing the piano over it, wait for it to get a little absorbed and then comes the next step.


Serum, emulsion, or ampoule

A serum is a liquid product that goes deep into the skin and improves it. There are many types of serum that you can try: an emulsion is thicker than a serum, it is not oily and it’s very lightweight. It is lighter than a cream and works great for people with oily skin. An ampoule is like a highly charged serum and it is not recommended to use it daily. It can be used for a couple of days and for a specific reason, like after your skin has got some extra trouble. You can use a serum or an emulsion, use a combination or even use an emulsion and an ampoule (for a certain amount of days). This is all food for the depth of your skin and a great base that allows your moisturizer to truly succeed at getting your top skin closer to perfection.


Face sheet

There is no need to do this step everyday but once a week or a couple of times would be great. Face sheets are loaded with nutrients and are a delight to have, they not just improve your skin but relax you. This is one of the most fun parts of skincare since you have so many options. Most of the face sheets are intended to be used for 15 to 20 minutes, after that time you remove them and go to the next step.

Eye cream

Wearing an eye cream is really important, you apply it just around the eye area with your ring finger. You don’t need much to get the work done, they have anti-wrinkle properties and they even your skin tone so that you can look fresh and young, the best age to start using them is 25 to 30. Remember that if you have dry or sensitive skin you may have more intense lines, so this step is vital to help your skin with that.


Moisturizers are made with big molecules so they take care of the top layer of your skin. They are important for every skin type and there are lots of different types, you can even apply two types if you want to mix them. Gel moisturizers work better with oily and combination skins since they are water based and dry skins can use cream and gel moisturizers just fine. You can have one for the day and one for the night since it is a great time for feeding your skin with nutrients. All you have to do is apply a bit in your hands and then gently massage it into your face, don’t be too hard, just leave the product there and you can wait for it to dry or apply the next step with the moisturizer still on your skin.


This is the last and the most important step, sunscreen is what keeps your skin free or any more damage and keeps you healthy. You should apply sunscreen every day. It does not matter if it’s cloudy or if you are indoors, it has to be at least SPF 30. If you will be directly under the sun, you should apply it again every two hours. Also do that after swimming, seating, or working out. If you have oily or combination skin you may want to stay away from too thick formulas and go for water based sunscreens. You can apply makeup over your sunscreen and remember to always wait 20 minutes before leaving your house after applying it. Protecting your skin from UV rays and skin cancer is achieved by following this simple step.


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