Nature Republic. Cotton Armpit Kit [Cotton Armpit Wash + Cotton Armpit Whitening Cream]

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We usually tend to focus our beauty on our faces, and it is such an essential part of who we are. Still, some elements in which our skin is as delicate as our face and armpits are a massive topic for all women, sometimes waxing using creams or heavy deodorant, the color of our armpits changes. It is such an embarrassing topic for some women that we don't do anything about it and suffer shame in silence and, of course, with our arms down, but no more! The Cotton Armpit Kit by Nature Republic is the answer to all your prayer. This is a refreshing armpit scrub for exfoliating dead skin cells that are the ones making your skin dark or uneven. The product has many excellent components such as AHA, Keratoline-C, and some more that are used for making its green and yellow granules that are in charge of removing dead skin cells that stay on your underarm, which are the main cause for ingrown hair, blemishing and so much more uncomfortable problems that happen on that area, use this kit and never again be afraid of raising your arms as high as your dreams!

HOW TO USE [Cotton Armpit Wash]

  1. Apply a moderate amount to your armpit while you take a shower.
  2. Massage lightly and rinse off.

HOW TO USE [Cotton Armpit Whitening Cream]

  1. Dry your body after a shower. 2. Take a moderate amount and gently apply it over your armpit.


  1. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  2. If you think you have sensitive skin, please test on a small area first.


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