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Ready for having the cutest look ever? You have to try the Pro Eye Palette Coral Talk by Clio totally. It's a must! It has the greatest shades of coral and pink to achieve looking supernatural one day and cute and playful the other with the same palette. Just try it!

It comes with 10 different colours that you can try individually or combine to achieve a look that will be impossible to forget by all the people around you. The secret is that it has got adhering to long-lasting quality colourful pigments. So you don't need to use too much to get the exact colour you see in the palette. We go from matte for daytime and more casual, natural, and fresh looks to shimmering tones that can look playful, ideal to go out, and the ultimate crystal glitter tones that will make you the star of the disco, full nightlife vibe but still coral sweet.

Get this palette, put it in your purse and forget about having any other close to you. This will adapt to any situation you will get into during the day or night, go to work and end anywhere you want without having to go back home to put on some makeup. Feel truly free and cool!

This eye palette has adhering, long-lasting, high-quality colours with eye-catching colour combinations with matte, shimmer, crystal glitter, and glitter textures.

It maintains a clear and clean texture on the eyes with multiple colours and texture layers.

  • Pro-Quality shades for unprecedented depth that help you create endless looks, from everyday to trendy.
  • The perfect set of colours for seamless combination, beautiful easy-to-blend shades.
  • Superior colour payoff and high adhesion with no fallout create long-lasting looks without creasing.
  • Originality: Featuring most loved brown colour variations
  • Handcraft: Packed with warm rose-hued pink-brown shades.
  • Softish: An impressive range of spring shades, from pink to coral!.


COLOR: Coral Talk


  • Start by using the accompanying brush or your finger to apply the desired base colour around the eye area evenly.
  • After applying the base colouring, use the glitter for point makeup application for an even more vibrant eye makeup expression.


  • For external use only.
  • The product results may vary depending on your skin tone and type. / The colour displayed may vary depending on your screen.


 The list of ingredients varies according to colour.

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