Purito Sunscreen: Announcement

On behalf of Lady Bonita, due to the negative experience you may have had with the controversy over the Sunscreen Purito case, we want to show our support and understanding regarding the issue. Nonetheless, our promise to you all made us remain attentive and even though being a small local store, we are concerned to always offer the best skin care products that our customers deserve.

We have reached Purito’s manufacturer about the following steps to inform our clients, and in context they said that they can only refund the money based on supply prices. It means that the distributors cannot grant a full refund to their customers, they will do a partial refund, vouchers, or coupons. They may accept that their distributors can proceed with the refund in their own ways.

Keeping this in mind we, Lady Bonita, have opted for the following actions:

  • Lady Bonita will continue to support the brand until we have an official decision on the matter. Furthermore, we believe that the sunscreen continues to fulfill its function, it does not have any chemical contaminant that has modified its characteristics. It is our recommendation that until the official statement has been issued, this sunscreen can be used indoors for basic skin protection.

After careful analysis, we decided to offer online store credit, customers who purchased the following products between June 1st and December 9th, 2020: 

  • Purito Centella Green Level Unscented Sun. 
  • Purito Centella Green Level Safe Sun. 
  • Purito Comfy Water Sun Block.
  1. Our refund policy states in this situation that you will be granted online store credit for only the value of the product and does not apply for any other cost you may have incurred. However, this will only apply to sealed, unopened and original packaging products. For this, you can return the products to our main office (on your own cost) and when the product arrives, an email will be sent to you with a code with which you can redeem in 30 days. 
  2. Regarding opened (and unsealed) products, due to our limitations as a store that buys from authorized distributors, we cannot refund 100% of the value of your product. Nevertheless, as our clients are valuable and we do not want to break the relationship we have with them, that is why we are going to grant them a $10 in online store credit. You will receive a code you can redeem in 30 days. 

Going forward, we are going to take steps to ensure and reaffirm our commitment to our clients, to have transparent communication and a mutual trust where we can always solve the problems that arise and overcome them.

If you meet one of the conditions, do not hesitate to contact us info@ladybonita.co.nz and your request will be answered within a maximum period of 48 hours. The requests will only be accepted until December 31st.


Lady Bonita Team


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